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List of best European books on uniform buttons

  • I have all the above mentioned books and can recommend them to all collectors for identification of buttons

Uniformsknapper - frontpage
Uniformsknapper - page

Karsten Skjold Petersen:
Uniformsknapper i den danske hær 1911 - 1997

(Uniform buttons of Danish army 1911- 1997)

Devantier, Næestved, Danmark 1998
Le Bouton uniforme - frontpage
Le Bouton uniforme - page

Louis Fallou:
Le Bouton uniforme français

(French uniform buttons)

Éditions du Canonnier, France 1997
Russian uniform buttons - frontpage
Russian uniform buttons - page 1
Russian uniform buttons - page 2

А. Ю. Низовский:
Русские форменные пуговицы 1797 - 1917гг.

(Russian uniform buttons
1797 - 1917)

Родонит, Москва, Россия 2008
Uniform buttons of Russian Empire - frontpage
Uniform buttons of Russian Empire - page

Кузин Б. Г., Федорчук А. А.:
Мундирные пуговицы Росийской Империи

(Uniform buttons of Russian Empire)

Крымский Афон, Россия 2008
Botones Espanoles de Uniforme - frontpage
Botones Espanoles de Uniforme - page

Ramón G. Larrañaga, Miguel Á. Camino del Olmo: Botones Españoles de Uniforme

(Spanish uniform buttons)

Ministerio de Defensa, España 1999
Buttons of the British Army 1855-1970 - frontpage
Buttons of the British Army 1855-1970 - page

Howard Ripley:
Buttons of the British Army 1855 - 1970

Arms and Armour Press, London, Great Britain 1971
Bouton de livrée - frontpage
Bouton de livrée - page

Thierry de Bodard, Dominique Perrin:
Boutons de Livrée - de fabrication française
(1re série)

(French-made livery buttons – part I.)

Patrice du Puy, Paris, France 2008
British buttons - frontpage
British buttons - page

Dennis G. Blair:
British buttons - civilian uniform buttons
19th - 20th century

FRSA, Great Britain 2001
Dawne guziky polskie - frontpage
Dawne guziky polskie - page

Dawne guziki polskie

(Polish historical buttons)

Naklad towarzystwa numizmatycznego, Kraków 1899
Geknopfte Heraldik - frontpage
Geknopfte Heraldik - page

Walter Hostert:
Geknöpfte Heraldik

(Heraldic fasteners)

Lüdenscheid, Germany 1997
Uniformknöpfe - frontpage
Uniformknöpfe - page

Walter Hostert:
Lüdenscheider Knopfbuch - Uniformknöpfe

(Book on uniform buttons)

Lüdenscheid, Germany 2005
Guziki - frontpage
Guziki - page

W. Boczkowski, M. Jaroszyñski - Wolfram, K. G³adki:
Guziki - polskie guziki wojskowe od XVI do koñca XX wieku

(Polish military buttons from the XVI. to the end of XX. century)

Warszawa, Polska 1999
Guziki herbove - frontpage
Guziki herbove - page

Zbigniew Zajchowski:
Guziki herbove, zamki i pa³ace

(Coat-of-arms buttons, castles and manors)

Elbl¹g, Polska 2008
Buttons of the Regular Army 1855-2000 - frontpage
Buttons of the Regular Army 1855-2000 - page

Howard Ripley:
Buttons of the Regular Army 1855 - 2000

Illustrations by Denis A. Darmanin

Printed in England by Arrow Press, 2002
Ivo Tomas
Hradec Kralove
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