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Depositing and storing of buttons

Inspiration for collectors…

Depositing and storing of buttons

I think you will agrese if I say, that every collector has his own idea of depositing and storing of his collection. Some collectors got inspired by museum system and store their collection items in archival style. Some prefer boxes, others use cardbord, cloth, plastic tablets or other material for underlayment.

We could continue in listing of guaranteed and reliable systems forever.

For inspiration, I would like to introduce you a system, that has emerged after many experiments to create the most handy and easy-to-manipulate system.

To store separate parts of my collection I use personally designed plates, made of material called MDF. I have first formated these grinded furniture boards to the size of the future plates. A craftsman have drilled to their surface a number of shallow holes, which are big enough for depositing the buttons. For convenient depositing of the button´s eye a little hole has been drilled in the middle of the bottom of each shallow hole. At the end a button rounded by colored cardboard circle  with distinguishing and fixing function is being deposited to the shallow hole in the plate.
Depositing and storing of buttons
Depositing and storing of buttons
Depositing and storing of buttons
At the end the plates were painted and framed by wooden planks. With buttons stored like that it is very easy to manipulate and it also meets the need of dignified presentation.
Depositing and storing of buttons
Depositing and storing of buttons

The whole collection is later deposited in special wardrobes.

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